Doggy Day Care

Struggling to keep your pets active?

In today’s society, individuals are struggling to keep their pets busy, as time seems to be a big barrier. People are also struggling to keep their animals exercised and groomed on a regular basis. With Doggy Day Care, your furry friend will come home tired, happy, groomed, and fed.

Is your dog tied or locked up in a pen all day while you work?

Growing up on a farm and always having a passion for animals has provided a different perspective of dogs and house pets. The house was located away from the road and with 50 acres behind us. It was rare two dogs would even encounter one another. There was no real need to leash or tie them. They were with us all the time and were a big part of the family. The family dog always spent nights on the bed, never out when we were not around, walked every day, fed a little too well, and never alone for long periods through the day or night.

Imagine the fun on 50 acres

Instead of kenneling your dog all day or leaving them home alone, send them to us. Aspen Acres is a small private farm located in Port Colborne with a genuine love for animals. The animals are engaged in a structured day, full of exercise and stimulation. We have an indoor arena for the dogs to play in, hours of trails for long walks, pools for swimming in the summer, clean dry private pens for napping.

A great solution for all breads

This is a day program running Monday to Friday except in July and August only runs Wednesdays and Fridays. This program is designed to stimulate and work with your dog while you are at work. Drop your dog off in the morning and pick them back up in the evening. This is not an overnight program. We run flexible hours through the week to help accommodate your schedules opening at 7:00am and closing at 9:00pm Limit of 4 dogs per day, $15+ hst per day. Half days available for $10+hst. You supply your food, treats and any special toys.


Daily Routine Consists of

  • Morning playtime in the arena with lots of doggy toys, either with another dog or by themselves. This is supervised and each dog gets at least half an hour to play.
  • Late morning every dog is taken for a long walk through trails. (on leash or off)
  • When we return from our walk, everyone has a chance to cool off and play in the doggy pool (clean water) only available in the summer.
  • This brings us to lunchtime everyone heads into their clean dry private pens (fans available for hot day’s heat lamps for cold days)
  • Early afternoon we head out for our second walk of the day
  • Through the evening everyone gets another chance to play in the arena
  • Everyone is brushed when they are finished playing so they are ready to head for home.
  • We will also feed your dog at mealtime if you like. (You supply the food)
  • Any special instructions or medication can be arranged to meet your dogs’ needs.

Client Testimonial ~ from Dianne

Our Goldendoodles, Ruby and Cooper (brother and sister from the same litter), just turned a year old in November. They ABSOLUTELY LOVE going to Doggy Day Care with Stacey. They are allowed free time to play, they are walked, and fed, they have a nap in a warm comfy stall, more free time to play, and then they are walked again. They get so much exercise that they “crash” when they get home. And as we all know a tired DOG is a HAPPY dog !
Thank you, Stacey for providing a safe, happy, and exciting place for our furrry friends. ~ Dianne

Contact us to learn more at (289) 686 2516