Horse Rescue

Aspen Acres is home to many animals who have been rescued from different walks of life. We have experience with a variety of different farm animals who range from goats sheep to horses and ponies, dogs cats bunnies etc. We have rehabilitated abused, neglected, and emaciated animals trying to give them all a chance in life. We are not a funded or registered rescue, we just try to do our part in helping our four-legged friends.

We try to run a very small rescue operation to help people who need to rehome their beloved friends or when we find animals in situations where they are not being cared for correctly. Our main focus is rehabilitating horses, hopefully giving them a bright future.

Sending an animal to us

If you have an animal who needs a new home or know of someone looking for a new home please contact us we might be able to help you. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept all animals in every circumstance, but if we can not take your animal we will do our best to help you find an appropriate home. We will not promise that we will keep your animal forever. Our goal is to work with your animal and eventually find them an appropriate forever home.

Our Animals

Once we agree to take on a special individual we work very hard with them. Each case is completely different but we have a great team. Students help to make sure all animals are groomed and cared for daily. Everyone on the farm has their own warm dry home, with lots of turnout and love on a day to day basis. When it comes to horses we try to work with them, retrain them and then rehome them to appropriate owners.