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Horseback Riding Lessons

Aspen Acres is proud to offer riding lessons for horse enthusiasts for all ages and interests. We offer a multi disciple program covering basic English and Western riding to advanced hunter, jumper, dressage, western pleasure, and gaming. It is our goal to encourage riders to trust and build lasting relationships with the horses.

Tiny Tots/Junior Riders

This is one of my favorite programs. This is for very young children who express a love for animals. Children ride for almost an hour on a quiet pony. The lesson with one or two other children, they learn how to ride through fun and games. This is a great activity for teaching balance, motor skills, and discipline. The lesson starts in the barn where the participant does some grooming, and helps do up some buckles and Velcro for the tack, then they ride. After the lesson, students are allowed to visit all the animals on the farm.

Riding Lessons

Aspen Acres has quiet safe lessons horses. It is essential that the horse and rider match and they enjoy each others company. The students are responsible to help tack and untack the horse. Each horse is only used once a day in a lesson with two days a week off. All equipment is checked and cleaned regularly. Saddles and bridals are matched to fit each horse well, to ensure the horses comfort throughout the lesson.

Client Testimonial ~ from C.J. van Kralingen

As a long time educator, riding instructor and horse person I wish to endorse Stacy’s method of instruction and matching of rider to mount. Never are young students afraid which promotes confidence and achievement.
People, you get what you pay for!! ( at least in this case ) ~ C.J. van Kralingen

Private Lessons

This is an intense hour. Students can come 15 minuets early to tack their horse. This is supervised and assisted when needed. After the lesson students are required to untack, and care for their horse. Lessons go out on the trails and ride all over the property. Each student is assigned to a horse they work well with. Private lessons are $45+ hst and there is a 24 hour notice cancellation policy on all private lessons.

Group Lessons

Students involved in a lesson program sign up for 4-8 weeks depending on the month. They ride once a week, the lesson is one hour and a half in duration. One hour is on the horse and half an hour is set aside for tacking and un-tacking. Students ride together in groups of three to four, who are working at the same level and interests. Students ride the same horse for the lesson block. Lessons are held outdoors when possible, however we have a fully enclosed arena on the property for days where the weather won’t allow it.   Sometimes we can ride out in the quiet fields if the footing is decent. Group lessons are $30 +hst you must pay for the block up front. Aspen Acres offers make up lessons at the end of every block in the event you miss a lesson.

Please be advised that when you sign up for a lesson block, there are no refunds.  I am happy to make up missed lessons wherever possible, however when you register for a block, you are booking that spot for yourself, for the identified number of weeks.  If you have any questions, please discuss this with me when you register.

Lesson Blocks for 2021

Block 1     January 4th to January 31st (block is 4 weeks)

Block 2     February 1st to March 13th (block is 6 weeks)

Block 3     March 22nd to May 1st (block is 6 weeks)

Block 4     May 3rd to June 19th (block is 7 weeks)

Block 5     July 5th to July 31st (block is 4 weeks)

Block 6     August 10th to September 4th (block is 4 weeks)

Block 7     September 13th to October 30th (block is 7 weeks)

Block 8     November 1st to December 11th (block is 6 weeks)

Off Property Coaching

StaceyMcQuire travels to local farms for coaching and training. Sessions are 1 hour in length cost $60 +hst per session. Sessions will cover either a training session, lesson, or a combination of both.

Build A Special Bond As You've Always Imagined

We need more people who are honest, legitimate, moral, ethical, and willing to go the extra mile for four legged friends. Thank you Stacey! Her courses are spectacular.
Lisa R
If I want to learn anything. I go to somebody who has being doing it a life time. This is Stacey's life. Her skill, understanding and ability to teach are amazing.
Mike P
Stacey's teachings have not only had an impact on my horse but also transformed my relationship with him. She teaches powerful skills that work. Thanks Stacey.
Teresa S

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