Past Sales

Merlin – Sold April 2009, Testimonial from Leslie (Purchaser)

I bought Merlin from Stacy in April 2009. I had been looking for a draft-cross for lower level dressage. I’ve been thrilled with him– great personality–willing, kind, and very cute.” . ~ Leslie

Rumple- Sold, Testimonial from Paige (Purchaser)

Buying my first horse was a big event. I was so nervous about making the wrong choice, that I researched 30 different horses and spent many weekends meeting 16 of them. Thankfully, one horse stood out: A 3-year old bay gelding named Rumpelstiltskin.

A stunning warmblood cross who jumped over a pony pasture mate for fun, this young man had the athletic ability I was looking for the jumpers. But what really sold me was his affectionate and comedic personality. This is a horse who came over to greet me, and then promptly climbed up the mounting block to show me what he could do. Given my limited experience, I was a bit anxious about taking on such a young horse. But after meeting Rumple for the second time, I really had no choice but to take him.

I am so delighted with the choice I made. This youngster was so well-started and has such a positive disposition, riding him has not been a problem at all. When I fetch him from his stall or paddock, he’s always eager to see what we’re doing that day. Likewise, I can’t wait to see what sweet and funny things Rumple has in store for me. Everyone remarks at what a beautiful and athletic horse I have. I just know I’ve found a friend and partner for life. ~ Paige

Junior – Sold Feb 2009, Testimonial from Kelly (Purchaser)

We purchased Junior from Stacey in Feb/09. She had broke him as a 5 year old in Aug/08 and did an amazing job. Stacey was great to deal with and was very honest in everything she told us about him. He is very quiet, easy to ride and willing. Anyone in the barn can ride Junior… from green children to pro’s. He is a barn favourite. We had him out to his first Trllium show in May/09 where he was reserve champ. We couldn’t be happier with him! ~ Kelly

Domino – Sold Feb 2009, Testimonial from Natashsia (Purchaser)

Time for an update on the little monster is in order I think! I must say he is a rather spoiled little monster and I think I fall more in love with him every day. LOL .

I went out to the paddock last weekend and he was out with another gelding and Dom wouldn’t let the other guy near me. lol Every time the other horse would come near, Dom would chase him away and then come trotting over to me. He was being especially adorable that day and enjoyed resting his head on my head and when I gave him a hug, he actually ‘hugged’ back with his neck and head. He wouldn’t leave my side!

I really appreciate you bringing us together and would highly recommend you as both a trainer and agent’. ~ Natashsia

Bob – Sold, Testimonial from Keira (Purchaser)

I can honestly say that Bob is the best horse I have ever had. He is my first Tb and is everything that Stacey told me he was. He has great ground manners, no vices, frames nicely and is soft and supple when you ride him. He is responsive to your leg and soft in your hands. Bob trusts “his human” because he has never been treated unkindly and he always gives his all. ~ Keira

Prince – Sold, Testimonial from Kathy (Purchaser)

This is Prince, a lovely pony, who has recently adopted us into his life. He is a previous lesson pony, who was active in Stacey’s program. We were looking for a first time pony for our three daughters, and had an unfortunate experience with our first potential purchase. Stacey was incredible through the entire experience, and her honesty and integrity made quite an impression on us. Not too long after this, the possibility for Prince to become part of our family became a reality. Stacey has been an integral part of helping us to make the right choice, and continues to offer her guidance and support whenever needed. The girls adore Prince- he is very spoiled and pampered and has thoroughly adjusted into his new life! ~ Kathy