Small Animals

Aspen Acres Farms would not be the same place without all of our small animals. Every one of our guys is a part of our family. When you spend even just a little bit of time with them you’ll discover why they’re very important to us. They contribute every day and help out in the oddest way. We’re not sure why our place really brings out the personality within them, but they do make things incredibly exciting. When you do come out and meet them you’ll discover what makes them different than any other animal you’d come across.

Taz and Jakers enjoy bread and peanuts for special treats.  Anyone who knows Jakers knows how special he really is. We got him when he was a baby and he has brought an abundance of Joy to our lives. You can literally have a conversation all day with him if you mimic his sounds.   Jakers seriously doesn’t think of himself as a goat.

Walter is our rescue sheep. He reaps havoc on a daily basis in and around the barn. We love him so much!

Lucy and Peter are our two odd bunnies Lucy being the Fleming giant and peter being a dwarf, these two make a great team and enjoy cuddling up with each other.